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                      Windscreen Fairings

              If you are like us and many other RV builders,
             the idea of "fiberglassing" your windscreen onto
             your new RV is unacceptable. Would it not be 
             better to have the option of removing the 
             windscreen without destroying the paint and
             more? Sure it would, and with our new CD on
             how "you" can make your own aluminum
             windscreen fairings, it's now possible for you
             to build them yourself!

                    $35.00 +8.50 shipping & handling

                       You will get a CD on how to build the
                          fairings and a full size template for
                          your aircraft. Currently available for
                          the RV-6/7/8/9/10.
                          This CD will show the technique used
                          to build the fairings on our aircraft.
                          This technique can be used on any
                          aircraft you are building.

                 We are now offering a semi-completed windscreen fairing 
                for the RV-10. It is formed and shaped but will need trimmed
                at the aft edge and fitted. The kit will include the lower fairing,
                a "how to" C/D, and hardware.
                      $235.00  + 
25.00 shipping and handling (USA)


                   Click here for more fairing photo's 


     Fairing on a RV-6

   #8 screws hold it
     in place.

    The rear fairing is
     made from 2" .025


    RV-9 tip up.

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