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                   Rudder Pedal Extensions 

                 Aluminum Rudder Pedal Extensions
                         For Your RV-4,6,7,9,10
                                 and Rocket.

                     Some modifications may be required. See rudder drawing
                                         and notes o n the RV-10.

            Click here for photo's of customers aircraft


Our rudder pedal extensions clamp onto the original RV rudders with just four screws. They move the foot rest about 1" closer to the pilot which keeps the pilot's foot off the toe brakes until he/she wants them there. This gives the pilot better control of braking and a more comfortable "feel" of the rudder and brakes.


      $135.00 per set   
( two extensions)
                              + 10.50 Shipping and Handling (USA Domestic)

Click here for rudder drawing/notes


  You can see how the 
 extensions flow with the toe


    RV-8 Rudder Extensions   $95.00    (per set)
                        + 10.50 shipping and handling   (USA Domestic)


  The RV-8 rudder extensions
mount on the 1" flat at the bottom of the rudder pedals. Two holes drilled through the rudder flat using the provided template will secure the extensions. They will move the pilot's foot back about 1/2" and that will give the "feel" needed on the toe brakes.

   In this picture you can see
 the advantage of the rudder
 extension on the RV-8.

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