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                        Rudder Trim System


                               Only for overhead rudder systems at this time.
                               We are working on the floor mounted rudders.

                                        Trim drawings click here
                                      +10.50 Shipping and Handling
                                                                    (USA Domestic)

  No more external tabs on your new airplane! Just install our internal rudder trim system and you can trim the rudder from the cockpit anytime. The internal rudder trim system uses the components to the right.

  This system will put up to 8# pull on the arms which is equal to 2# of foot pressure on the rudder pedal. If this needs to be more for your aircraft other springs are available. 

    Trim Video 



    Trim system on a customers


 The control knob assembly can be    
 mounted on a bulkhead or anywhere 
 you like. It just needs to be
 somewhat  in line with the arms.

 The arms mount on the rudder torque 
 tubes with two screws each.


   A longer arm is available if needed.
    It will increase the force
   on the rudder by about 1/3. The
   arm is about one inch longer

  The bottom spring will put out about 2#
   per inch of pull. This is equal to #2 of force
   on the rudder pedal at 8# of spring tension.


                                           Bill's RV-10

                           Electric trim system

                         185.00 +  10.50 shipping (USA)

    This is the electric trim as installed on a customers RV-10.

                          RV-8  rudder trim

                 95.00 + 10.50 Shipping (USA)

    This system is on Brian's RV-8. He did the testing and said it works as advertised. Brian helped on refining the trim and we thank him for that. He put it through every maneuver and reports no problems!




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