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 The third rv-10 windscreen kit is going out to a customer. The first two worked out very well as I am told. You can see the pictures under windscreen fairing. 

  I am still working on the electric RV-8 canopy closing system. It will be a off/on/close type switch. When the system is off the canopy will operate in a normal mode. More to come.`
  Made some progress on the rv-8 canopy system. Trying to fit it into a very small package. It will be after the first before I can get one installed/tested.
  Larger springs have been sent to all the rv-10 customers that bought rudder trim kits. If I have missed anyone please let me know. In some cases I have found that putting two springs on the pulling side works better than one big one.

   We have a lot planned for 2009. Sometimes things just don't go as fast as one would like. 

  Web address update........www.mlblueskunk.com
   All new orders will be filled in the order they were received. Remember, you will not be billed until your order is ready to ship.

   I have been thinking on the rv-8 canopy closing system. I have a system in the works, but is anyone interested?? Let me know please.
   I also am flying a three bladed Vari-Prop system on my subi 2.5 RV-6. It works great so far. I am getting over 600 lbs static thrust at takeoff power. I will be posting number's and pictures soon. 
   Testing has been done on different engine/prop setups for static thrust. I will be posting the results under the research/testing page.

   Well here we are, almost Christmas and no new building to work in yet:-) Things are progressing and 2010 should be better. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you, our customers.

    I am looking for a new shop to do the water jetting on the trim parts. I just can't get parts out of the old one and that is the delay on shipping trim kits. The rudder extensions are complete and I will have them next week. I hope to get caught up on the projects that have been on hold this spring. There is a lot of interest in 3-4 inch rudder extension. We have worked out a design and will be building and testing early in 2010. 
   We have gotten good reports on the rv-10 windscreen fairings. As one customer said, "They are worth the money".
   That's all for now. Once again, thanks for your support.


    I want to thank everyone for their patience waiting on order's. I have been very slow in getting parts made. My shop is still 60 miles away.....new building to go up in March and that will help. With  that said, we now have both the rudder extensions and trim kits in stock. I am working on a rudder extension system for the rv-12. Also working to come up with a bigger extension system for the other rv's. Trims kits for the rv-8 still need testing. I hope to get that done soon.
   On the vari-prop system,  I have suspended my testing due to design concerns.
  Once again, thanks to all while we make our move to Livingston, Texas.


     Thankyou everyone for waiting. Some of the orders are taking a while, but it will get better. The building is almost done. Then the shop can be moved. That will help.
   We have rudder extensions and trim parts. Anything else takes a while right now.

      Well, the house and new hanger are 95% done. Just like building an airplane, is was more than I thought it would be. But all good! With that said, I am caught up on order's for the most part and look forward to getting back into the swing of things and coming up with some new stuff for your airplanes. I have trim kits and rudder extensions ready to go. Stop by 00R and have lunch when you get by this way. Thanks again for putting up with me being so slow at times:-)

    We now have a electric version of our trim system under testing. Stand by for more information.
   We also have a RV-8 trim system flying. It fit's only RV-8's with the rear seat rudder system.(from Van's) at this time.
   We have been making Legal Eagle parts for the local guy's, so we will make them available to all.


   Yes we are still here. Way pass due for an update.

  Our electric trim system has been tested and is working great. We are now offering the option for this system. It can be ordered with or without a feed back POT to display on your RC Allen trim indicator. See pictures on the trim pages.
   Also, we have a trim system flying on the rv-8 with Van's rear seat rudder pedal option. It was reported to work great also! These systems are available now. Check the trim pages for details.

    We will be offering a full service experimental aircraft weighing service. Give us a call and we will come to you, weigh your airplane and do the initial weight and balance. Call for prices   (distance limited)
   We have also put together a set of full scale stick ,cut and drill templates for the Legal Eagle and double eagle.
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